Healing Energy Work

An Integration of Modalities which include:


A combination of Usui, Violet Fire, and Shamanic Reiki at a Master Level.

Reiki releases crystallized cellular memory, which anchors emotional and physical reactions and triggers unconsciously.

Reiki facilitates clearing and movement to trapped matter through the chakras, muscle fascia, and organs, to allow greater space to the mind body reprinting.


 Access Consciousness
® Bars

An energetic process which unlocks several functions of mind body awarenesses.

This process allows for clearing of ancient thought processes, stimulating a greater response to the possibilities that one can truly embody. A profound tool for permanent self expansion, and possibilities for healing the body.


 Crystal Healing

The placement of crystals during a hands on healing, targeting specific issues, and the support or release of the location, and points that maintain its locked position.


 Integrated Energy Technique

Harmonizes, balances and releases specific responses in the organs via Angelic resonances.


Divine Being

elucidate elevate emanate

Tatiana Mihowich

​Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Healer