​​ Tatiana is the ‘real deal’. She’s an extremely gifted clairvoyant. As a psychotherapist in private practice, I often send clients to her. The results are truly amazing.  ~ Sharon T. PhD Toronto

Your ability to straight away discern what is primary concern, and what is secondary is incredible.
Articulating your vision with such clarity is impressive. Your humility, honesty, and listening skills, set you apart.
You are absolutely brilliant with your psychic gifts.
It is always a pleasure being in your company.
Thank you very much. ~ Christine, Toronto


Tatiana is very accurate and tuned in intuitively, AND as an Astrologer.
She is intelligent and  compassionate, and able to meet anyone where they are presently.  She works well with people that know Astrology, and is able to discuss deeply on all topics, relationships, career and family.
~ Julie C. Astrologer, Phoenix Arizona


Tatiana is a truly gifted and compassionate individual who uses her natural abilities to tap into our psyche, to delve deeper into our issues and fears…and help us to surpass and overcome them.  She has assisted me and help guide me, to Empower myself into who I am truly meant to be…and to be patient with myself.  People like Tatiana are out there to help you believe in yourself and help empower the real you.
Thank you Tatiana, you are great. ~ Charlotte, Toronto ON

After a friend raved about her, I was eager to meet her.  That was three years ago.  I haven't looked back since. Not only do I find Tatiana a beautiful woman, inside and out, I also relish in her kindness, gentleness and supreme power to always hit the mark with what's going on.  The many recommendations I've given to others,  come away exalted from their sessions with Tatiana. This unique, truly inspired clairvoyant on behalf of the supplicant, are awe-inspiring.  I consider myself blessed to have her in my life.  I have also had telephone sessions with her and experienced the same sense of her wise presence and a terrific read.   In short, I highly recommend Tatiana.

~Blessings, Ann B. (Toronto, ON)

Tatiana is uncanny in her "visions" and insights. She is discerning in her dialogue and sensitive to her client's interests and needs. She is gentle and kind in her delivery. She can help guide you by working with you, to ease your path through things otherwise seemingly impossible to find solutions to, and free your mind and heart, so that you can move on in your activities and feel protected, and safe through her wise counsel.

~Greg M. Toronto ON



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Tatiana Mihowich

​Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Healer



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